Salesforce Developer: Demand vs Supply

Ever since Salesforce was born, it has continuously grown as a company so as its popularity. And for every year that passes by, Salesforce has remained the top and proved to be the market-leading CRM provider worldwide. The company keeps on expanding and acquiring companies that contribute a lot in their growth, and it is going to do so at even a faster pace than we are currently facing.

With this emerging trend, the demand for Salesforce professionals has been propelling as well. In a recent study made by the International Data Corporation (IDC), research shows that Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will drive the creation of 3.3 million new jobs and more than $859 billion in new business revenues globally by 2022.

Source: IDC Whitepaper

The above data only means one thing: increasing demand for Salesforce skills. Increasing numbers of businesses are switching to the popular platform for ongoing customer relationship management and enhanced productivity across sales, marketing, and customer services departments.

Currently, the talent pool for Salesforce skills could not keep up with the growing demand for jobs requiring such professionals. According to recent research, for every 4 Salesforce job openings, there is only 1 identified Salesforce professional (ratio of 4:1). And Salesforce’s innovation makes it difficult for talent to stay on top of all of its new products, which means that each new Salesforce release offers newcomers a chance to beat veterans to the punch.

Developing Salesforce Skills

Since the current talent pool could not keep up with the emerging needs, Salesforce professionals become very highly valuable (aka highly paid or expensive professionals). With this, it attracts a number of people to learn and develop their skills, and eventually get a chance to land a very rewarding job – and this could mean one solution to an undeniably becoming problem of “demand versus supply” in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Source: The Quant Crunch, Burning Glass

Imagine landing an entry-level role and securing one of these competitive salaries. By developing and proving your Salesforce skills, you have the potential to start strong as you launch or grow your career. Whatever budget you have, there are tools available to help you become familiar with Salesforce and develop your skills, such as:

  • Developer organizations
  • Trailhead, which is geared toward people learning the Salesforce platform
  • Simplilearn’s Salesforce certification training programs can really help you develop skills and advance up the career ladder. Some of the material is written and some are videos, and it’s all self-paced, covering the basics to advanced material. And, each certification is in a very specific area.

Now that you have learned the skills, or upskilled for some instances.. You have acquired the necessary certifications to back up those skills or experiences… What’s next?

In general, it can be easier for developers; the demand for them is so high that companies may be more willing to hire an experienced developer with less specific Apex knowledge. If you are still struggling to get attention in the job market, read on.

  1. Transfer within your company. Some people opt to switch from non-Salesforce roles into Salesforce ones within the same business. The advantage of this approach is that it offers the smoothest transition. The disadvantage, though, is that it relies on you being in the right place, at the right time, with the right skill set. If your current company doesn’t use Salesforce or already has their own admin team set, for example, you are out of luck on this path. Next!
  2. Work with a Consulting Firm. Companies that specialize in Salesforce or consulting firms that have a Salesforce practice (like Reliable Group) are continuously seeking and hiring people with the right skill set. They offer opportunities to learn quickly, work with a variety of clients and see different Salesforce use cases. With a world that is going through a new industrial revolution and with all these new technologies popping up left and right, the gap between the available resources and demand of skillset will definitely increase. Companies that depend on Salesforce need to find a solution for this phenomenon before the biggest company in the market space secure all talent. Working with these trusted consulting firm is one of the possible solutions, as is providing added value that no other company can give candidates in the market space.

The time is now!

So, what are you waiting for? Salesforce continues to drive job creation globally, and the potential for growth isn’t slowing down. The demand is real, so grab that job you’ve been eyeing. Meet the needs of an increasing number of employers. A Salesforce career is rewarding both personally and financially, and the more quickly you get into it, the more quickly you can start reaping the rewards!

Still lost? Reliable Group can help and guide you. Talk to us!

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