5 Ways to Sharpen Salesforce Admin’s Skills

A Salesforce Administrator is simply defined as a “business leader”. They are someone deeply knowledgeable about how a company runs, intertwined in making the different business units successful through process automations, thus an integral part of any organization in running a smooth and lean business.

By that definition alone, we can infer that they have great power. And as the saying goes, great power comes with great responsibility. Having said that, a Salesforce Administrator must make it a point to constantly and continuously learn and grow. In order to be very successful, it is a must that someone sharpens and enhances his skills and ensures that he learns about the latest trends in technology. 

Whether you are a Salesforce Administrator or an organization wanting to set-up an Admin for success, here are some of the ways that can definitely help any Admin to succeed:

Equip with any Possible Resources

Probably one of the main reasons why people leave their job is due to the lack of career path. Unfortunately some people get stuck to where they were since they joined the company. Humans are naturally curious and inquisitive, hence the need to learn and grow.

One of the key things in a career path is the phrase “given resources to do so”. Having said this, any business or organization must provide whatever resources they need to grow in advance. This could either be mentoring programs or cash to take courses online. Luckily, finding ample of free resources online is now made easy!

For Salesforce Admins, following free resources are available which you can begin with:

  • Salesforce Trailblazer Community – The Salesforce Trailblazer Community extends across the globe where they have some incredibly talented Admins. This provides any Salesforce Admins with an opportunity to learn from peers (or even share your own knowledge with others). Struggling with a particular challenge? Ask the Community and you will likely get some excellent insight and tips!
  • Free Online Class – If you are after flexibility and cheaper (free) price tag, you may check below and find out for yourself:
    • Skillshare
    • Simplilearn
    • Edureka
    • Udemy
  • Other Free Supplemental Training Resources – Sometimes you need additional resources to better understand a particular aspect of Salesforce, or a quick reference. Below are several free Salesforce training resources you can bookmark:
    • Cheat Sheets
    • Salesforce Reporting Basics
    • Developer Workbooks
    • Force.Com Platform Fundamentals
    • Tip Sheets and User Guides
    • Salesforce YouTube
    • Twitter List of Salesforce Experts
    • Zero to Hero Blog Series
    • Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Certification
    • Salesforce Specific Search Tool

Invest in Training

Training and certification will insure that an Administrator has the knowledge and confidence to take full advantage of Salesforce. Luckily, there are free available resources that Salesforce offers, one great example as follows:

  • Salesforce Trailhead – tagged as “the fun way to learn Salesforce”, one can start the free learning by simply going through the trails or modules or projects that can help cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. The Trailhead Academy offers an in-person or virtual training globally.

Give Them Time to Go to a Salesforce User Group

Getting connected to a User Group can be very helpful in furthering one’s adoption of Salesforce and making any organization (or individual) successful. Salesforce sponsors group worldwide. These groups usually feature a presentation from a Salesforce partner or expert. From there, you will be given a time to brainstorm and share ideas as well as helping solve one another’s problems.

Build Them a Center of Excellence

A Center of Excellence or CoE is a team within any organization that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area, in this case the Salesforce implementation. A CoE comes together and gather to collaborate on projects, ideas, tools, or any solution pertaining to a specific platform or business initiative. A CoE also gives Administrators a framework for making decisions without burning them.

Send them to Dreamforce

This could mean a little stretch in the organization’s expenses however this could mean a week of not only a massive learning opportunity with sessions to fit any Admin’s needs but also the ground zero for understanding new features and announcements.

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